We are a small R&D company located in NY that specializes in electronic components and systems . Component and system manufacturing is done in house in compliance with our Quality assurance procedures.

Custom systems

We will guide you through design specification development to prototype development and testing. From the design requirements, developing schematics, code,PCB and even the enclosures we provide the complete solution for your product development. Because most of the work is done in house this gives us the advantage of rapid design changes, customization and cost effectiveness during the development process.

Commitment to quality.

We are committed to research and development of systems which would lead to improvement our customers products.  Our quality and commitment to customer satisfaction comes directly from the passion of our small and diverse team. Our team consist of a total of 4 engineers ranging from senior engineers with years of experiences to recent graduates from electrical and mechanical engineering. 


Capabilities include designing in compliance with applicable standards required by regulatory agencies. Need screening ,feasibility study, formal design input and verification of inputs. Technical documentations  ,failure mode and effect analysis etc.

Standard operating procedures for schematic and 3D cad.

Each file generated and update are under full revision and document control. All systems are verified against the design specifications and FMAE completed and reviewed. This is done with first release and any subsequent revision. We can design for our manufacturing process or in compliance with your DFM protocol to maximize flexibility for changes and optimization bot in cost and performance. For custom systems designed for customers we use industry accepted DFM to make the design transferable to manufacturing as seamless.

Finite element analysis

Thermal, fluid and stress analysis are done using our custom software.

Please feel free to contact us for your engineering solutions.


  • Shiraz Macuff (Chief Design Engineer and CEO)
  • Rayhanul Islam (Partner and General Manager)
  • Oscar Agudelo (Lead Electrical Engineer Power Conversion Division)
  • Anil Rajpatei (Lead Electrical Engineer Power Conversion Division)
  • Dewei Lin (Lead Mechanical Engineer)