Completed Multi-channel Arduino Thermoucouple Measuring System

A Precision Arduino Thermocouple Measuring System

A Precision Arduino Thermocouple Measuring System This post provides Arduino enthusiasts with the technical framework to develop a high quality Arduino Thermocouple measuring system. It also provides the basics to encourage young Arduino users to get a project up and running. We keep the topics as brief as possible to encourage our young friends.  The more […]

ADC resolution, ADC offset error and Gain error getting 12 bit from 10 bit ADC

ADC resolution, ADC offset error and Gain error Maximizing the ADC performance Part 1 The life of a design engineer is filled with failure during testing and then the last minute rework and meet deadlines. Any engineer dealing with data converters (ADCs and DACs) will at some point find out that the part does not meet […]

Finite Element Method Application in Electrical Engineering

Abstract  This paper deals with Finite Element Method (FEM) of analyzing different types of physical systems. Mathematical systems of equations that describe physical systems are often too complex for analytical solving. FEM is a numerical method used for solving these systems. It breaks up the system into the group of elementary elements, called “finite elements”. […]

Introduction to stepper motor specifications and voltage mode drive

Nesh Basnet,  Shiraz Macuff,  Subash Shrestha,  Lhakpa Dhondup,  Lobsang Lekshey, Anil Rajpatei,  Francisco Santos,  Adrian Serrano Abstract This application note gives a brief introduction to stepper motor specification and voltage mode drive method. We look at drive requirements once the motor has been chosen and give several application examples. A method for increasing the stepping […]

Introduction to Stepper Motors

Nesh Basnet, Subash Shrestha, Lhakpa Dhondup, Lobsang Lekshey, Shiraz Macuff Abstract This document provides an introductions to stepper motors. The major types of stepper motors, their construction and required drive signals are explained. A comparison of each type of stepper motor and their application is also explained. Drive method for accurate load positioning and selection criteria for drive circuits […]

Using PCB copper area to dissipate the heat produced by surface mount components.

Removing heat from surface mount components during the initial phase of product development can significantly add to the design work and rework. In this paper we briefly describe the thermal behavior of surface mount components on a single sided PCB. We produced graphs to help the designer choose the PCB specifications that would satisfy the […]