Cutting slots and holes on Instrument Enclosure

The design of an instrument panel can render your design a huge success or make your design extremely difficult to use, regardless of the function or the performance of your design. As such care should be taken when designing the user interface. However, user interface (UI) design is beyond the scope of this paper and only the methods will be examined. For many designers, the best time and place to work on the UI layout can be anytime and anywhere and most of us have used from sketch paper to napkins for the initial layout. Once beyond the brainstorming phase, the need to use software increases since alignment, measurements and reviewing proportions in software becomes easier. Cutting slots and drilling holes on finished electronic encloses can be a trial and error endeavor for engineers at the prototyping stage. In this paper we look at the simple and convenient method to get the prototype up for review as fast possible while maintaining a professional finished look. The layout software used can vary from high end specialized layout and cad software to your basic paint software program. Tools used are kept to the bare minimum. MORE


Sujan Dhonju, Rojaya Maharjan, Mahendra Shrestha,

Dilip Yadav,Shiraz Macuff